Eyebrow Threading

Threading is a natural hair removal method, practiced by twisting thread along the skin’s surface. Threading is no misnomer. In fact, the hair removal tool in threading in nothing more than thread held between a technician's hands (and in some cases, their teeth as well) in a twisted configuration. As the technician moves their hands, spaces open between those twists and then tighten again, grabbing and holding onto hair, and pulling it free, root and all. If you've ever used an epilator before, you're familiar with the basic concept.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does your salon offer?

With years of experience and training, we are sure we can help you look amazing. Whether you have skin problems, feel stressed or want advice on how to do your make-up, we are ready to assist you!

I want smooth legs for the summer, how can I best achieve this?

We offer hair-remove at our salon. Non-permanent treatments like waxing and threading. 

Which facial treatments do you offer?.

We offer a very wide array of facial treatments. From peelings to acne treatment, we always have the right facial for you. If you want to get a peeling, but you have sensitive skin, don't worry because we also offer non-chemical peelings with amazing results.